Saturday, September 6, 2014

Veil of Undoing.....The Unveiling

Beyond the veil, the Otherside, Otherworld, Underworld ... Faeryland. The place has intrigued us, captured us, and enchanted us since the beginning of storytelling. Legends and old wives tales warn us of the dangers, tantalize us with its promises, and give us a glimpse of the unending realm of the Fae. 

And now there is a new series, intent on sharing the sensual lure, and sometimes threat, of the fantasy realm of the Fae. 

I debated whether or not I would blog about this, but I have finally concluded that I wanted to write about it, and my readers would decide whether or not they wanted to read about it. So here goes, and I give warning that this is a little bit of tooting my own horn. It isn't loud, and you may enjoy it, so read a little before you run as though a troupe of redcaps were chasing you. 

I am proud to say that I am one of a handful of erotica storytellers to get the chance to write in a new, fabulous series: Veil of Undoing.

A unique look on the Faerie realm, and how it effects our own world is the main focus on this series, due to premiere in mid to late October. A few authors who will be joining us on this journey down the rabbit hole, are E.K. Sabins, Liman Thursday, T.C. Nocte, and more!

Our first compilation, a box set, will be out in time for Samhain (Halloween) and will (of course) be about the Wild Hunt! This has been a work of love, and the sexy Romance authors involved absolutely devoted a great deal of passion to put this together. While working with each other we created a few things to keep us in tune, and we wanted to share some of those things with you. 

If you're a visual person, get excited by checking out the pinterest board* we set up. It's filled with inspiration for our stories, the backgrounds of the lands, possible cover art, the list goes on. Check it out and indulge in the eye candy. 

If you're like me and have to hear it to fall in love, check out the playlist* at Grooveshark. Songs that inspire us through the short stories, meetings, and even a different playlist for our fight scenes! (I find the fight scene playlist works well for house cleaning too! Or general "Let's get this done!" times.)

And lastly, if you just want to get your hands on the box set for free, become one of our Advanced Readers. Everyone on our list will get a free copy of the box set before it goes live. We do expect you to write a review, either on your blog, or your favorite site where our books will be made available, but don't worry- we want you to be honest. No obligation for a good review, just a fair one that states what you liked, what you didn't (if anything) and who you would recommend it to. There is a deadline, since it is Advanced Readers, you have to sign up to get it before it publishes (the week before Halloween), so be sure to check it out asap.

*The playlist/Pinterest board is found on Grooveshark/Pinterest which have no affiliation with nor are they collaborating with J.D. Harding or the production of the 'Veil of Undoing' ebook series or its authors, nor does it endorse it or its contents in any way. The playlist/board is intended to be used as entertainment only and the artists, models, musicians are in no way involved with the works of J.D. Harding and are not associated with the production of the 'Veil of Undoing' series, or its authors, nor do they endorse it or its contents in any way. All artists, musicians, and photographers maintain rights to all songs, photos, and artwork found on either the playlist or the board and as such J.D. Harding or the 'Veil of Undoing' or any of it affiliates hold no copyrights to any such properties.

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